Populeation Controle Vol. One

            Clark Boswell sat in his seat on the jet to New York City thinking over his proposal and how his theories would be taken.  Hundreds of sociologists, ecologists, anthropologists, and economists had been put into teams working for the last ten years searching for a way to prevent an almost inevitable worldwide ecological breakdown.  His team of twenty men and women were the eighth generation of researchers working to discover what it would take to bring the world back to an environmentally stable state where humans and all other life could co-exist in harmony.  The only real limitation was that no one’s civil liberties be infringed upon.

            The first teams found the time line for how long they had before such a meltdown of the world’s ecology and it was under a thousand years.  The oxygen levels would be too low for humans, the temperature would be too high, and if there were people on the earth at that time the population was estimated to be over two hundred billion.  The world would simply be uninhabitable.

            The second teams discovered that the only way to bring things back into balance was to increase the rainforests instead of cutting them down, cut carbon emissions by at least ninety percent and rebuild the world’s wildlife populations and habitat by at least three hundred percent.

            The third teams found that the only way to do any of this was to first lower the world’s population by at least half, leaving more space for life to grow, relieving the environmental stresses, and leaving fewer people to burn fossil fuels.

            The hardest part of the task was to find a humane way to lower the population without invading their lives or forcing people against their will into doing things they didn’t want to do.  Every suggestion was either proven ineffective, counterproductive or simply disastrous.  One even dropped the human population down to zero.

            But Clark’s team thought they finally had the answer and it was so simple it was almost insane.  The hard part was that it required four hundred years and a complete alteration of the way people looked at sexuality and beauty.  But there were grounds for believing that it wouldn’t require any abuse of civil liberties.

            A stewardess came up to him smiling and said, “You need to buckle up sir, we’ll be landing shortly.”

            He smiled at the slender brunette thinking, “If this works she’ll soon be a thing of the past.”

            The next day Clark Boswell made his proposal and looked over the conference room.  He looked at nine men and four women who looked like the upper elite of the financial, social, and political world.  Others listened and watched him via a camera in a corner of the room which looked down on him.  A tall security guard of a man listened on a small ear piece to the people who couldn’t be there ready to ask a question for them.  Many of the people who weren’t there were open enemies of others in the group and couldn’t be seen in the committee.  Others were in fact parts of organized crime and had to stay physically out of attention to keep from getting into other kinds of trouble.

            “I know this is an extreme measure, but as we can tell it does no more than make women want a different kind of beauty and encourages men and like-minded women to seek out that beauty.”

            A woman in a designer suit spoke up after looking over her proposal.  “Why target women?”

            He had expected a question like this.  It was true that the focus was on female physiology and did seem unfair.  “Though it is possible to encourage lifestyles that would lower male fertility it wouldn’t necessarily lower the population.  The average man’s sperm count is so high that compromising his ability to procreate may only increase birth defects and only slow down population growth.  We can take such measures as well, but targeting the female population is simply more effective.”


*One year later*

            Christiana Slowan sat in her small one bedroom apartment reading the want ads on her computer while eating a small breakfast of now cold toast.  She was in debt so bad the young woman was having trouble keeping up.  No matter how hard she tried the numbers seemed to keep going up.  She had a job but her hours were cut again and she barely made enough to get by.  She was no longer getting help from her parents, and needed to be able to get by on her own.  A new ad was posted and it had the feel of being too good to be true.  But she was desperate.

            “Wanted!!!  Men and women from all locations in a new field.  Women between the ages of 19 and 25 and weighing less than 150 pounds are wanted to work in an opening market, all bills and food paid and $500 month for extra spending.  Others with an interest in learning more can contact us at the link below as well for other work.  Competitive pay and all have full medical benefit.”

            There weren’t any other jobs she was qualified for at that time so she clicked the link.  She was 22 years old and weighed 105 pounds.  She was perpetually skinny more out of not being able to buy good food and a fast metabolism than a desire to be thin.  In fact she had always thought heavier women were kind of pretty, but never thought about gaining herself.  It was more about thinking they had an unfair reputation than anything.

            On the other side of town Jake Klay was looking over the same site with a friend of his, a woman he called Butchy.  Jake was the typical tall muscular man.  Not quite GQ cute he was known as someone who could have whomever he wanted.  Most his friends therefore could never understand why he always seemed to date fat girls.  Butchy was a tall husky woman with a crew cut and was Jake’s best friend.  She had the kind of appeal that role-playing femme lesbians liked and also rarely had trouble getting a date.

            “What do you think?”  Jake asked after reading the ad.

            “What the hell, I hate my job,” he grinned and hit the link and when they made it to the screen he saw that those who didn’t fit the girl’s criteria had to fill out a questionnaire that asked for gender, orientation, and what kind of women they liked.  They didn’t know if any question was answered incorrectly they would be booted out and unable to get back in.  They answered every question correctly when both of them filled out the questionnaire.

            The two friends had appointments to meet at a newly built privately owned business in the center of the city they lived in.  Christiana had an appointment two days before the man and his friend to meet with people who would more clearly explain what was being asked of her.

            In fact such ads were placed worldwide in every nation and in every city with a population of over two hundred thousand.  Literally billions of men and woman had applied for different jobs.  Every one of them were about to find themselves in a truly new world.

            A week later Christiana went to the building in the middle of her city where she had been asked to go.  When it had been built she had complained about the construction and how yet again a perfectly usable building had been destroyed to build something no one would even care about in ten years.  But now she looked up at the five story office space and wondered for the first time what exactly they did in it.

            A large group of women all around her age and all slender walked up to the building.  The women weren’t any group of friends, but just women who had come in at the same time.  The only thing any of them had in common was the fact that they were all in or near their early 20s and on the thin side.  Some were short others were tall, but many looked like they were struggling financially in one way or another.

            Most of the six women walked into the building talking as if getting to know each other but Christiana just watched them somewhat pensively not sure if she was making the right choice. 

“Having second thoughts?”  A voice said from behind her.

            The young woman turned to see an average looking woman with curly blond hair and brown eyes.  She had on jeans and a dress top with her hair pulled up in a kind of bun that didn’t quite contain the mass of her hair.

            “Something like that,” Christiana smiled somewhat nervously thinking about the job she was applying for.

            “No kidding, what kind of job pays your bills and gives you money on top of that?”  The woman sighed thinking over what she said, “but honestly I’m running out of options.”

            “Well then, pros and cons?”  Christiana tried to be rational about the whole thing wanting someone to tell her what to do.

            “Cons,” The woman said.  “We’re about to be abducted and sent to some shit hole to become sex slaves.”

            Christiana nodded at first, pretty good con, but thought more, “Isn’t that more of a worst case scenario?  We don’t know what the job is.”

            The woman grinned thinking she had an actual intelligent woman on her hands.  “Okay, pros, I’d finally be able to get that car I always wanted and move out of the shit hole I live in now.”

            “So worst case scenario you move from one shit hole to another.”  Christiana grinned catching the woman’s double use of the term.

            “Well than it can’t be worse than I am now.”  She started in and turned.  “Will you sit with me so I don’t have to listen to the bubble heads talk about boys?”

            The two women walked into the lobby and saw a large waiting room where most the women were being directed to a hall by some professionally dressed men.  It was as if someone had hired all the higher end people and forgot to hire the janitor or secretary.  A smiling man in a three piece suit and graying hair said, “Go to a free console as soon as one is ready and fill out the questionnaire.  If you finish it simply follow the instructions after it.”

            “Thank you.”  Christiana smiled at the man and walked on.  All the consoles were full but after less than one minute a young woman got up frowning and left.  She and then the young woman she met sat at different computers.  It asked fist her age, orientation and height.

            “Well that’s just fucked,” the young woman she spoke with seemed annoyed.  Christiana thought they were odd things to be asked, but not that bad.

            A man came up to her and asked, “Is something wrong?”

            “This is discrimination,” looking over the woman appeared truly angry.  “Why do you care who I have sex with?”  Others were looking now and it seemed some were agreeing with her.

            The man in the suit came over and explained.  “We won’t exclude anyone for being gay but there might be work you wouldn’t want to do if you are, and other places you would be better suited than a straight woman.”  The man seemed to realize he was digging himself into a hole and simply said.  “Please finish the survey and the orientation with explain it all.”

            The woman seemed to be about to leave but Christiana looked over clearing her throat and rubbing her fingers in a money gesture.  The woman turned back and finished the survey.  It asked about her views on woman of different sizes, and her ideas about food and other interests like shopping and entertainment, but mostly about things involving gaining weight, and dating.  She moved onto a conference room apparently she had answered the questions right.

            Sitting in the auditorium she was flagged down by the woman she was becoming friends with.  Walking over to her the woman said, “Sorry about the stink, my name’s True, by the way.”

            “Christiana, and I guess I get it, you’re gay right.”  She sat in the seat noticing it was quite large.  The auditorium could have held twice its numbers if it had normal seats.

            “Lost my last job because my ex dropped me off for work and had the nerve to give me a kiss goodbye.”

            The young straight woman curled her lip in sympathy and she listened, “that is fucked.”

            “Well you won’t have anything like that here.”  A woman’s voice said from behind the seated women.  They turned and saw a woman in her 40s and looking like a female version of the men in their suits, “if anything we’d love to see two young women in a happy relationship.  It breeds stability.”

            The woman walked up to the podium and Christiana felt she had to clarify herself, “you know I’m not right.”

            True chuckled lightly, “Hun, even if you were you’re not my type.”

            The woman stood looking at the all woman group.  “Now, all of you have been selected because you show a promise for accepting the kind of work you will be asked to do, and the possibility of appreciating why it is we are asking you to do it.  For those of you who decide you are not interested you will have to be asked to not mention it for reasons that I hope will become apparent.”

            The woman looked over her notes and went on, “we are in crises with few options for resolution…”

            Two hours later the women were leaving the auditorium thinking about what they had just heard.  The core of it was that they would be hired on to become fat.  Not just a few pounds heavier, but truly obese on a grand scale.  Not just that, but they were to move through the world as they would if they were thin.  When the company decided they were ready they would be given places to go and be seen.

            A couple of days later Jake and Butchy were at the building about to walk in.  This time the people who came were men and women of all ages and types.  Again the only real thing they had in common was a vague sense of poverty.  Though respectably dressed no one’s clothes were new and though well kempt no one looked like they put a lot of money into it.

            When they walked into the lobby this time six men and women dressed in business suits were waiting in the lobby with clip boards asking people the first letter of their last name.  This was how they were organized.  Jake went to the man who had his name and he was checked off and sent down the hall with a smile and a nod.

            When he went over to Butchy she was doing the same thing with a short stout man in an expensive looking suit, only it wasn’t quite as simple, “Annabella Montinelli.”

            The man looked at her for a moment as if not believing her, “Um, sir?”

            Jake watched grinning and knowing what was about to come.  At the word sir Butchy looked at him with mild exasperation.  “I’m a woman.  My legal name is Annabella Montinelli.”

            “But everyone calls her, Butchy, you might want to put that down,” Jake chimed in as the flustered man scribbled down a note.

            “I am so sorry ma’am,” He looked up sincerely embarrassed.  “Someone must have…”  He stumbled over his explanation and just ended with, “I am so sorry.”

            Butchy just sighed and said.  “Really, just tell me where to go.  It’s not that big of a deal.”

            The two walked down a hall opposite to where the women had gone and down a flight of stairs to a large auditorium.  This one was not set up with over sized chairs, but rather had small seats squashed together to fit as many people as possible.  Some of the women were actually from the day before and had seen the other room.   

“I’m suddenly wishing I had decided to be on the other team.”  A woman said to another woman of about the same age.

            “Other team?”  Jake asked Butchy who he thought was standing next to him still.  “What other…”  He looked over and saw she had stopped and was talking to other women who were clearly lesbians as well.  Most were varying degrees of butch, but one looked every bit like a lipstick lesbian, “well okay then.”

            He walked off and found a group of men who were all about his age.  Though they were different kinds or men, some nerdy, some athletic, and some just basic guys like himself they all had one thing in common.  For the type of men they were they all had a quality that was attractive.  He didn’t think of it that way, but they must all have been picked for the potential attraction.  And suddenly it dawned on him that he and Butchy fit into that category.  He wondered if she had noticed but decided he’d have to ask her later.  A few minutes later the meeting started and the same woman walked up to the podium to speak.  She made the same dire statements and gave essentially the same speech.

            When it was over with the two friends were leaving and started to talk, “did you notice something?”  Jake asked as they walked out of the room.

            “You mean that this is a meat factory and we’re the pork?  Yeah.”

            A woman walked by laughing, “The pork was here the other day, you’re the shoppers.”

            “What?”  Butchy looked at the small slender woman sizing her up as a brat.

            “We came here with the other women who joined,” The woman answered as she stopped in front of the two friends.  “The girls who were picked as the…”  She had to think of the way to put it tactfully, “Models.  I mean it’s good and all, but it just didn’t seem right for me.  So they asked if I’d still like to help.”

            Jake didn’t think she was a brat she just had a sharp tongue, “So what are we missing here?”  The young man didn’t like feeling as though he was being used, but that wasn’t exactly how he felt.

            “Basically skinny girls are made nice and fat for you all to date, somehow that’s going to save the world.”

            Butchy had to laugh, “That’s gotta be the biggest load of crap ever.”

            “On the contrary,” The same man who had signed her in said.  “Women have for millennia put beauty over health consistently enough for us to use it as a means to help lower the world’s population.”  The man looked at Jake.  “Men,” and then Butchy.  “And women such as yourself who prefer truly fat women have the potential to help sway the standard for beauty from the thin such as Alice here, to the morbidly obese in doing so fewer children will be borne.”

            “Fat women have babies all the time.”  Butchy still wasn’t convinced.

            “True, but more issues with fertility come into play when a woman is obese.  Also, many women of such extreme obesity become infertile.”  The man saw their disbelief.  “Not all mind you, but enough will that the world’s population will start to slowly and steadily drop.”

            “So,” Jake said thinking and not quite believing, “you want to make the world’s women fat.”

            “Precisely,” the man smiled as if finally getting them to believe him, “it’s even suggested that over time the structure of relationships will change so that many couples will simply opt out of having children.”  He saw Butchy still wasn’t sure.  “In the gay and lesbian culture it is quite common for a couple to have children, but more often than not there are the two primary parents and a sperm donor or surrogate mother.  That means three parents have one child, two genetic and one by choice.  Many choose not to have children and have pets instead increasing the number by zero.  Others adopt and not only don’t increase the population, but help raise other people’s children taking the number of parents involved in the development of a child up to at least four.  Imagine if that was how the entire world worked.  This is an ends to that means without infringing on anyone’s rights.”

            The two were walking out to their cars talking.  “You gonna do it?”  Butchy asked as she got out her keys.

            “The chance to stick it to all the ass’s who’ve made my exes lives hell?  Fuck yeah.”  Jake hadn’t actually broken up with many of the women he had dated.  Most had dumped him because of insecurity but there had been a couple he had truly loved and had lost to the people who hurt them.

            Butchy shrugged, “well shit, where else am I going to get paid to check out hot women?”  She turned to get into her car.  “Guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”



*Months later*

            The alarm next to Christiana’s bed went off at 8:30am.  She rolled over to hit it off and pulled herself out of bed.  She had an old but surprisingly comfortable full sized bed, and slept with five and sometimes six blankets to cover her.  Now she crawled through the pile of blankets to reach the side of her bed to stand up.  As she rolled she felt her body move in a reassuring way confirming to her that she was in fact meeting her goals, albeit slower than any of the other girls.

            She stood up and looked at the new full length mirror which greeted her on the wall across from her bed near the door wearing night shorts and a tank top with no underwear.  She smiled a little bleary eyed at the small love handles that puckered out from her shorts strap and the softness of her thighs that were definitely thicker.  It had been three months since she had started at her new “job”.  She barely thought of it that way, but in truth it was a job with expectations.  She walked by the mirror as she left seeing her profile from the side.  Her belly jiggled a little as did her thighs and breasts, but not much.  She looked at her belly stopping and holding the front of it.  She wasn’t trying to suck it in she was trying to press it out.  Try as she might her little tummy didn’t go out much more than a half an inch.

            She went to her bathroom and got ready, brushing her teeth and hair which was now shoulder length with light highlights in it.  She didn’t shower or even wash her face before going back to get dressed.  When the young woman was ready to leave she looked again at herself in the mirror frowning just a little.  Christiana was enjoying her new life immensely, all her bills were paid.  The business paid not only her rent, electric, gas, water and waste removal; but also internet, cable, gasoline, and the payments on a new car.  They also had a credit card they used for food separate from how they paid for car gas.  The $500 a month went mostly to her debt and she was nearly done paying a couple of them off.  But no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t seem to gain weight like the other girls did.  She was pudgy, she now weighed 135 gaining thirty pounds, but the other women were much bigger already.  She sighed as she put on her coat and left to go to work.

            The building now had a sign next to it saying, “Horen Temp Agency.”  If anyone asked what she did for a living she was to tell them she was outsourced to other agencies for telemarketing and secretarial work.  She walked into the main lobby and smiled at a woman in her forties who worked the front desk.  The lobby looked like any business lobby and if anyone off the street walked in to ask something they would see a drab boring room no one would want to be in for very long, “hi Margaret.”  She smiled as she swiped a card on a panel next to the door.

            “Hey Christy,” the older woman smiled and turned the page of her book.  “When was the last day you took off?”

            Christiana smiled as she walked through the door and into the inner sanctum of the building.  “What can I say, I’m a workaholic.”

            In the hall where she had first taken the tests now stood rows of vending machines, some with instant meals, others with frozen treats, still more with different candies, and yet more with snack foods.  Finally there were vending machines with colas of all kinds.  The only difference was that none took cash.  She swiped her card as she chose what she wanted and the card logged in her foods.  There was even a rack with a basket for people who wanted more than they could carry.  She grinned taking one as she picked out her breakfast from the chips, ice cream bars, and cola, Mountain Dew this time.

            After getting her food Christiana walked down the hall the opposite way she had gone the first day to a room that had large chairs and more vending machines so women didn’t have to go far to get more goodies.  It had about 20 young women at varying stages of plumping up.  They were all talking and happily eating while waiting their turn.  They had to come in a minimum of three times a week and the day was regimented into a rather strict schedule.  From the start Christiana had come every day unless she was sick.  She loved the little micro world the business had created and in truth she had trouble meeting people.  Here they had at least this much in common.  They all loved and calibrated their gaining weight.

            True was among the women there and she smiled as she saw Christiana come in.  “There you are,” True was among the girls who had gained quite well.  She had a round pot belly and wide bubble butt alone with quite soft full chest now.  Her curly blond hair framed a now pudgy face that dimpled when she smiled at her friend.  “I was wondering if you were coming.”

            “I set my alarm for later.  I was online until 4am.”  Christiana sat next to her friend and began munching and drinking.

            “How come whenever I get online you’re not there, but when I see you, you say you’ve been online all night?”  True asked in an almost accusatory tone.

            Christiana popped a cheeto in her mouth and looked a little wide eyed.  “Oh, I’m sorry, I had a weirdo stalking me I’ve been in stealth mode for a month.”

            “True Holms,” a woman called out and the plump woman got up looking at her friend.

            “Well unstealth and let me deal with the weirdo for you,” she walked back and the smaller woman watched enviously as her friend’s big butt bobbed back and forth with every step.

            A young woman who’s gain was in her boobs and belly looked at True too.  “I wish I could get a butt like that.”

            “I wish I could have an anything like any of you.”  Christiana said cramming the last of her snack and then realized her ice cream had melted.  “Damn.”  The woman looked at her with pity as Christiana went to get more.

            About fifteen minutes later after she had filled her belly up as much as she could she heard her name called by another woman nearing fifty.  She got up and went through the door following the woman.  She knew the routine and stopped on the spot where her body was scanned by an electrical field that measured her weight on a scale in the floor, her body mass, and even how full her stomach was.  After that she put out her arm and had a small prick in her finger to test her hormones and blood sugar.  Some girls did turn out to become diabetic and had to choose between quitting or going on a less effective regime that would make them still gain.  The unpleasant truth was if they took that path they would die younger, but it was either that or lose the life they had chosen for themselves.

            The woman who called her in waited for the work to be done which was unusual and Christiana wondered if something was wrong, “come with me before you continue on.”  The woman smiled at her in a way that seemed as though she was trying to be comforting.

            The young woman followed with a frown.  She had been afraid for weeks she might be let go on account of her not gaining fast enough, “what’s wrong?”

            The woman sat in a small room, much like a medical procedure room only it just had some charts and a few wide chairs.  “Well, we’re concerned about your gain.”  The woman said looking at Christiana who looked worried.  “First off, let me say you have the most consistent gain of anyone here.  Coming here every day gives us a real insight into how your body’s handling the process which gives us very good numbers to base a lot of work on.”  As the woman saw Christiana relax she continued, “That said you have the lowest gain of all the women in the project.  You average at .75 lbs a day.”

            “I eat as much as I can.  I drive everywhere.”  Christiana was truly exasperated she wanted to do well and loved how the other girls’ bodies were changing.  But it seemed she just couldn’t get fat.

            The woman looked at her with sympathy and continued on, “I know you have.  I have the statements for your food and gas, and one thing’s clear.  You are eating.”  The woman paused and looked at the younger woman, “but in truth you’re not eating as much as the other girls.”  Before Christiana could say anything she continued.  “I’m sure it’s a lot more than you used to eat, it’s just not enough to gain like you want to.  And there’s something else.”  She looked at her records and said, “You’re $45,000 in debt.  You’ve been putting the whole of what we pay you to pay off these bills and I think the stress of that is causing the trouble.”

            Christiana looked down at her lap in embarrassment, “my grandpa had a gambling problem.  I uh, tried to help.”

            Now the woman looked at her with sincere compassion.  “I understand that before he died you took on his debt.  It was a nice thing to do, but the wrong choice.  We’d like to give you a fresh start.”

            Christiana’s eyes flew up in surprise, “What?”

            The woman smiled, “You’re not the first girl to come here with financial issues.  And in all honesty in comparison to the cost for helping you gain the money you owe is marginal.”

            Tears welled up in the young woman’s eyes, “I don’t know what to say.”

            The woman smiled and said, “There’s nothing to say, but there’s more.  You see, you still aren’t eating as much as you could.  I know it feels like a lot, but it just really isn’t.”  Now the woman looked at Christiana with an odd smile the young woman couldn’t quite read.  “I’m a feeder and they assigned me to help eat as much as you can you while you’re here.”

            Christiana looked at the woman now uncomfortable and not sure what was expected of her, “I’m straight.”

            The woman laughed lightly trying not to laugh at her, “So am I.  I always wanted children but never met the right man.  Now I’m 49 years old and never had the chance to care for a young man or woman.  I’d like to help you.”

            Christiana thought she understood.  She wanted to be a kind of surrogate mom to her.  Her relationship with her own parents wasn’t great so the idea appealed to her, “Okay.”

            “My name is Elizabeth, by the way.”  She smiled and helped her charge up.  “Before you start you need to get a little blood drawn, just to make sure you don’t have more wrong with you.  I’ll meet you for lunch, and pop in for a snack or two as well.”

            After the blood work was done Christiana went to a room with large massage tables and lay down on one after stripping down to her underwear.  The girl lying next to her had a wide belly that spread out as she lay on the table snoring softly.  A couple of men came in and gave both the ladies full body massages leaving them relaxed and in good moods.

            After the massage she went to a room with shower stalls where she could clean up for the day.  There were many scented shampoos and body washes to choose from, all with agents in them to help prevent stretch marks.  The jets sprayed hot and relaxing as she felt them pelt her body.  She felt her body trying to see the gain, but other than the indentations the shower made on her skin she didn’t see it.

            After her shower she put on a robe and went onto a room where a woman worked on her face.  First massaging her face gently and then looking over it for any blemishes.  She had the beginning of a couple of pimples so the woman cleaned her face with something to keep them from erupting.  Then the woman tweezed an errant hair or two.  As Christiana sat in her chair eyes closed Elizabeth came in with a tall milkshake with whipped cream sprinkles and a large red cherry.

            When the young woman took the milkshake she smiled and said.  “Thanks Mom,” leaving the older woman with a worm glow that lasted until lunch.  It was a very large milkshake and when she finished it she was very full.  But she felt so happy she didn’t care.

            She moved onto a station to do her hair and some men fussed over her as Elisabeth came again this time with some cookies.  Christiana was still full from the milk shake but the smile on the older woman’s face was impossible to say no to.  “So uh,” Christiana started with a smile as she took the plate, “Any chance either of you are straight, cause she’s single and a hell of a catch.”

            The look on the woman’s face was priceless, a mixture of embarrassment and glee as Christiana bit into the first of the cookies, “Hey, now.”

            When it was time to get dressed again she looked at the fitted sweater she wore with the now too snug jeans.  They fit when she arrived that day, but all the extra snacking had filled her belly up so much she couldn’t button them.  Christiana looked at herself in the mirror in the changing room she had been directed to.  One of the edicts was they couldn’t wear canceling clothes, but with how much the girls gained that meant they grew out of clothes fast.

            There was a light tap at the door, “Is there a problem, Dear?”  Elizabeth said quietly.

            Christiana opened the door and showed the dilemma.  “Well, not really a problem, but I need pants.”

            The older woman grinned as she saw and rushed off.  “I’m sure we have some clothes of the girls’ that would work for you.”

            When they got to the dining room most the young women had left for the day.  A large plate almost the size of a platter sat on a table.  It had lasagna, garlic bread, fetuccini alfredo, and a large helping of fried meats covered in marinara sauce.  Next to that was a plate with a thick slice of cake and a large wedge of cheese cake.  Christiana sat down without saying anything and just started eating.  About three quarters of the way through she stopped saying, “I’m too full.”

            “Oh, I bet you can finish it.”  Elizabeth smiled at her in encouragement.  “Come on, just keep eating, and I’ll let you take a break before dessert.  Got to stretch out that stomach.”

            She finished the plate and had to undo the button before she rested.

            “That’s a good girl, I knew you could,” the older woman smiled as Christiana began to doze in her chair.  A few minutes later she finished the cakes and left for the day.  As they left Elizabeth continued.  “I don’t come in every day like you do, but when I work I’ll be by your side making sure you fill that belly good.”

            Again Christiana grinned, “Okay mom.”

            Butchy and Jake didn’t have to go to the business every day they worked, but there were facilities in a separate part of the building for their needs.  A gym was available in one of the subterranean levels, they had their own hairdressers.  For the few feminine women who were a part of the work they did they had facials, manicurist, and other needs met.  For the members who were going to college they had tutors and other resources available to make them successful.

            The intention was simply to make them the most desirable men and women wherever they went and in whatever circle they moved in.  When women who weren’t a part of the project saw them the women would be vying for their attention, and see the only way to get them was to be bigger.  Also people who envied them for their successes and looks would see what the women wanted and hopefully those who were swayable would follow suit.

            About four or five days a week the two friends would meet up at the Horen Temp Agency building entering through a different entrance than the women so they would not meet them before any contact in the outside world.  Butchy and Jake had been asked to go to different places and talk to women they were interested in.  There was a catchphrase that at some point they used and a corresponding phrase that they listened for.  It was somewhat nonsensical, but if someone listening in on the conversation could easily think they had missed a thread of the conversation.  In this way they could know if they were talking to someone in the business, as they thought of it.  So far none of the women they had met were.

            The hope was that players, as they were called would find connections and start a successful life.  There was no expectation that they had to become romantically involved with someone within the business, but it was assumed that they would at least date people from within the FA community.  This was only one step in the process of the change, five new women’s plus stores were opening in the next four years, and the next six romance movies were starring plus size actresses in the female roles.

            Jake was talking on his phone with Butchy as he drove to the local water park.  “Yeah, I don’t know about this one, but at least I might get to tan a little.”

            He could hear his friend sigh in frustration as she talked.  “I was told to just stay home today.  I don’t think they know what to do with me.”

            Sitting at a red light Jake rolled his eyes, “you were out more than anyone for the first four months.  I think they’re just trying to give you a break.”


            The young man pulled into the parking lot of a water park and got out.  “Look, I’m here, I’ll talk to you later.”  It was early summer and people were just starting to frequent the park.

About four hours earlier Christian and True were meeting up at McDonald’s for breakfast.  It had become a ritual that when they both went in they met up first for a nice big breakfast usually at McDonald’s because they both loved their hash browns best.  “I’ll have the Bagel, egg, sausage, and cheese combo with a large coke and three extra hash browns.”  Christiana ordered.  Her thick thighs had filled out nicely as had her belly.  Her breasts had grown well too, but she was still one of the smallest women at the business.  She was now 165 pounds.

            True had continued to put on weight as well, but not as much as Christiana, she had reached a bit of a plateau and had gone from gaining about three pounds a day to one.  “I’ll have a number three and a number six with two extra hash browns.”

            As the women waited for their food they saw a woman from the business going through drive-thru and looked at each other.  “We ought to ask her to join us some time.”  Christiana said.

            “I think I creep her out a little,” True said with a small smile.

            Christiana laughed.  “No they’re jealous of your ass.”  True did have the proportionately biggest and roundest butt in the business which most women wanted badly for themselves.  She was starting to have trouble getting in and out of bathroom stalls which pleased her to no end.

            After their breakfast the two friends made their way to the building and started eating snacks while waiting to go in for their day’s “work”.  When Christiana finished with her tests and measurements Elizabeth was waiting for her.  The older woman had indeed become a surrogate mother to the young woman.  Christiana smiled as the woman greeted her with a hug and a nice big plate of donuts for her to enjoy.

            “But I haven’t even gotten my massage yet.”  Christiana took the plate and began on the first, a lemon filled donut.

            “Well you need to eat up fast, we need you out today.”  Elizabeth looked so pleased with herself as if it was her accomplishment that Christiana was finally ready to go out.

            “But I’m not nearly as big as the other girls.”  They had reached the massage station and Christiana was trying to eat her treat as fast as possible.

            Elizabeth looked at her charge with a serious expression, “we have good reason for sending you out early.  I guarantee you’ll be happy.”

            After her day’s work which included a manicure and a full body tanning treatment she was given an extra large meal to eat.  She had become not just used to being so full, but also associate the feeling of being utterly cared for.  She smiled contentedly as her belly stuck out full and hard.  She had worn a fitted tank top that now didn’t cover her belly all the way, and a pair of knit pants with a drawstring she had needed to undo for her large meal.

            Now she was given her address and a bikini to wear.  It fit her size well but she knew she would stand out in it.  “Now I want you to have a good time.  There will be people there who will pick on you because of your weight now, but you look wonderful.”  Elizabeth smiled at her again and Christiana just grinned.

            “You really think some people might make fun of me?”  She wasn’t worried it was a point of pride for her.  If the jerks of the world would laugh at her for her weight than maybe she really was getting fat.

            When she got to the water park she found a spot close to the entrance and paid her way in.  It was such a warm sunny day she looked forward to the water slides and the other rides, just as soon as she digested all of her lunch.

            In the changing room she looked at herself in the mirror with the bikini on.  It had larger cups for her full CC breasts, but the bottom half did nothing to hide her wide butt.  It was round but not nearly as full as her friend’s.  She frowned at her back side, the cheeks barely covered by the spandex suit.  She wasn’t unhappy with how big it was she wanted it bigger.  She sighed, nothing to do about it just then, and left.

            Jake stood at a water slide deciding if he wanted to get in line or just stand scoping out the women.  To be honest he didn’t see anyone who was really his type.  The larger women there all had screaming kids and were clearly at least 10 years older than him.  There was a gaggle of young women trying to make themselves noticeable to him but the largest of them was no bigger than a size 9, she didn’t even have any real curves.  He had just decided to go on the slide when he heard it.

            “Soooeeyy,” a kid called out, “Here piggy piggy piggy.”

            Jake turned in the direction of the calls and saw a deliciously plump young woman just a few years younger than him walking by.  She wasn’t really big enough for his tastes, but she had a hell of a lot of nerve to be walking around in such a small swimsuit.  He liked her just for that.

            A young pudgy kid of about fifteen was the culprit, “Yo porker, put on some clothes and go on a diet.”  The boy hooted at her as his own belly bounced with laughter.

            Jake came up and said loudly enough for everyone to hear, “Yo brat, take your own advice.”

            Christiana was congratulating herself for managing to meet her own little goal when she heard the second call.  She turned to see a man in green swim trunks and dark brown hair.  He was tall, lean and quite muscular.  She grinned as he came over to her noting that he was checking her out.

            “Hey, sorry about that,” Jake said.  He had a feeling she was the reason he was there noting how soft and round her belly was.  He also noted her appraisal of him.

            “Thanks, I don’t really mind it.”  She smiled looking up at him really seeing now how much taller than her he was.  “but it’s sweet of you to stop it.”

            Now he was almost certain she was the one he was looking for.  “So, you like going out?”  He waited for the response.

            She grinned knowing now why she had been asked to go to the water park, “Only when there’s twice of me.”

            In mock seriousness Jake responded, “Thank god, I thought I was going to have to spend the day looking at the skinny ass bitches who think they look good.”

            She grinned at him thinking how much she liked his hummer.  “Well, I’m not that much bigger, but I try.”

            The group of women were watching in disbelief as the man they had been going after picked the fattest single girl there.  “What the hell?”  A blond girl said.

            A girl who was almost a carbon copy of her rolled her eyes.  “This is just too much.”

            The one brunette in the group chimed in, “First the bowling alley, then the mall, and now here?  Can’t they see the women are sows?”  The women had been dealing with more and more rejection.

            “Well I’ve had it,” the first woman walked up to Jake blatantly trying to get him to give her his attention.

            “I’d love to go on the raft ride with you,” Jake was answering a question when the young woman approached.

            “Aw, you don’t want to go on that with her.”  Jake turned to see the skinniest of the woman talking to him, “she’ll pop the raft.”  She curled up close to him not even noticing he wasn’t reciprocating her advances, “but if you want to snuggle up with someone I’ll go on it with you.”

            Jake pulled away looking on the woman with loathing, “If I wanted to do anything with you I would have gone over to you.”

            The woman looked at him with utter disgust, “instead you’d rather be with a fat assed bitch?”

            Jake turned back to look at Christiana completely disregarding the woman “Better than a swizzle stick.”  He winked at Christiana and turned back around seeing the look of consternation on the thin woman’s face.  “Tell you what, you go have a couple dozen burgers and we’ll see if you can actually grow some boobs.  Then maybe I’ll date you.”

            Christiana had to bite her lip hard not to laugh at the woman’s red face as she marched off.  “What the hell is going on?”

            The two did go on the ride together with Jake holding Christiana in his arms on a raft.  It was intended to be a two-person ride meant to give couples a chance to snuggle.  He couldn’t help but feel her full body and she enjoyed the intimacy.  It had been a long time since she had even thought about a date or anything like this. 

After the ride and some more walking around Jake decided to press his luck a little, “So, would you like to get something to eat?”  In his experience larger women were self-conscious about eating large meals in front of people.

            Christiana wasn’t really hungry, she was still a little bloated from her large lunch, but knew this man would like her more if she ate more.  Smiling she answered, “Yeah, I’d love to.”  She wasn’t sure how much she’d be able to eat, but she was determined to impress her date.

            As they waited in line for food at the park, they were told to stay until at least 6pm, they continued to talk.  “What do you want, my treat.”  It was a gesture only.  The meal would be paid for by the business.

            “You know, everything looks so good.  Why don’t you order,” this was an open invitation for Jake.  He wound up ordering three hot dogs, nachos with cheese, an order of french-fries, and two large drinks.  For himself he ordered one hot dog and a small soda.

            Christiana and Jake started dating almost immediately.  The business was delighted with the success of their match.  They had set up a profile of every man and woman within their operation with the idea that they would try and set up positive matches with people who shared their views.  It wasn’t a requirement for them to become involved with someone within the business, but it did help their cause when it did happen.

            With Elizabeth at work and Jake in her home life Christiana quickly grew into her role as the plus sized lover of the handsome working man.  Her gain became one of the highest in the project and by winter she had gone from one of the smallest to among the largest of the women pushing 250 pounds by November.

            Jake couldn’t be more delighted.  He had never really thought of himself as someone who wanted to watch someone gain, but given the chance he enjoyed every moment of it.  He gave her gifts of food every time they met and almost all their sex involved her filling herself to full capacity and they had sex frequently.  With the point of the project to help control population growth it wasn’t a shock when the business insisted on the two using birth control at all times.

            Christiana didn’t know she could be as happy as she was in the life she had made for herself.  She reveled in the time she spent with Jake, wallowed in the pampering of the visits to the business, and gorged herself every chance she got.  Even when she was alone she found herself eating as much food as she could manage, which was becoming more and more as time went on.

            Christiana was at Jake’s apartment lying back on the couch in his arms finishing up the last of a large bowl of pasta.  Her big belly lay in front of her with the bowl resting on top of it.  She propped her feet up on a table her thick thighs spread out enough now that she couldn’t cross her legs.  Jake had his arms around her stroking her full belly and nuzzling at her neck.  She set the bowl aside and just relished the feeling of being held.

            “Mmh,” She moaned in pleasure as the young woman felt his hold around her soft fat hips.

            “You feel better every time I hold you.”  Jake said as he relished her body.  He was in the mood for more, but knew she usually settled for a while after eating, which was why instead he started talking about his friend.  “They keep sending her out, but I don’t know what they want.”

            After an unladylike burp Christiana answered, “I don’t think they’ve sent any women out to meet her.”

            “Then what the hell are they doing?”  Jake was irritated for his friend, she had become dejected about the whole situation and he wanted her to have what he had now.

            “I don’t think they have as many lesbians on my side as they do yours, I know True is going out every day almost, but she doesn’t like any of the women they set her up with.”

            Jake turned to look at her confused, “True’s, not a lesbian.”

            At that Christiana laughed so hard her belly bounced uncontrollably, “And how do you know that?”  She panted with the exertion as her boyfriend looked at her in surprise.  He had met True on a couple of occasions as Christiana had met Butchy.  It never occurred to him that the feminine woman he had met was a gay.

            “Well,” He paused realizing he had no way of knowing that.  “Okay, how do you know?”

            She smirked, “You had to be there for orientation.”  Then she thought for a moment as he sat thinking.  “You know, it couldn’t hurt anything to introduce them.”

            A few days later Christiana and True sat at a café in town drinking their respective drinks and talking.  Christiana was excited thinking she was making the perfect match for her single friend, but True seemed ambivalent about it.  It was just bad luck that there were more lesbians on the FA side and fewer on the gaining side of the equation, but more women were joining every day and the company was becoming more selective in its recruits to try and bridge the gap.

            True was wearing a long sleeved shirt with a low cut V that accentuated her ample cleavage.  It clung to her plump belly and love handles.  Her jeans were practically painted onto her thighs in a way that showed they were meant to fit snug with a bit of spandex in the fabric.  Her long blond curls spilled around her face as she looked down at her frothy drink, “Well at least the drinks are good.”

            “Don’t be so negative.”  Christiana was getting irritated with her friend, but she knew why she felt like she did.  Then the young plump woman brightened as she saw her boyfriend and his friend.  “There they are.”

            When True looked up she actually did a double take.  It wasn’t Jake whom she had met and liked a lot as a friend, but the woman standing next to him.  She was a tall muscular woman in a leather jacket and jeans.  When Butchy undid her jacket the short fat woman saw a dress shirt and sleeveless undershirt, though she had a little bit of a belly, it was clear to see that she was a very muscular woman and unassuming about it.  She was most true to her name and fully butch.

            Christiana smiled as she saw the look on her friends face, “You can put your tongue back in your mouth.”

            True just gave her friend a dirty look and saw the self-satisfied grin on her face.

            Jake came over and leaned down to kiss Christiana on the cheek before doing the introductions.  Though Butchy wasn’t quite so obvious he knew she approved of the woman as much as True liked her.  By the end of the coffee date the two women had made plans for another date, and the matchmakers grinned with satisfaction at their choice.

            True, and Butchy became a close couple fast.  The assignments the couples were given now had to do with going out on very public dates to social events where they could be seen as the fat women admired for the catches they had landed.

            When out on their dates Jake and Christiana noticed a woman who showed all the signs of recently gaining a large amount of weight.  When she had the chance to see, Christiana saw it was the woman from the water park who had tried to take Jake from her.  The man she was with seemed to be trying to convince her to eat more and she was fighting to force it down.  It was clear she had decided to fatten up to keep her boyfriend happy, as it seemed many women were doing lately.

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Growing Passions

The Harem Of Arison

The nation of Arison was one of many on the blue planet which circled the white Dwarf star in the Antenna Galaxy.  They were very much human in look and in thinking, but their culture had evolved in a very different way.  Technology had developed along the interests and expectations of the people’s values, and in many ways was quite advanced, but in many other ways they were quite primitive, mainly because they simply didn’t care.

The cultures of the different races on this distant planet were as diverse as any other.  Some were warlike, others were peaceful.  Some valued reason over everything else, and some thought strength was the root of all power.  But among the many countries there was one constant which was believed by all.  Women were no more than property owned first by the father and then by the husband, or brothel where they were kept.  A woman had no voice and had no say in her life.

But a real problem had occurred in the nation bordering the equatorial ocean.  The Prince of Arison had become ill on a trip to buy his breeding consort.  It had been kept quiet, but the young man’s mind was nearly dead.  The virus had run its course, but Joranal would spend his life in a near dead stupor.  Unknown to the kingdom he had been weak since birth and had fought off illnesses no one else but the weak could get.

The Sultan Olal had been given four breeding consorts in his life and this one boy was his only son.  There were twenty daughters of varying ages but no other boy and he was too old to sire and train another son.  The solution was hard to find, Arison had no room for him to adopt a child or to appoint an heir that wasn’t blood.  It had to be kin and he had no nephews or other kin who would do.  So he did the unthinkable and looked to his most ugly of girls.

The twin of Joranal was nearly identical to the nearly brain dead man and so she became her brother.  In stance and in her features she was a good match and when she put on his clothes even the servants couldn’t tell the difference.  The true prince was sent to the estate of the young man’s consort and it was made clear that though she was genetically ideal the young prince couldn’t stand the sight of her.  The new Joranal would never meet the children who would be her heirs and would never see their dam.  And in truth the king was right.  Joranal the new prince would have been repulsed by her consort, a thin and angular woman.  Sultan Olal had chosen well, no other girl could have played the part as well, even with her own harem which she was expected to make.

After a year of playing prince Joranal had proven she could disguise herself perfectly and convince even the most brutish of men she was most definitely a man.  Secretly Olal wished she had been his son and not the feeble boy, but things had worked out and he felt satisfied no one would be the wiser.  Before the year was over The Sultan Olal died with no warning and Prince Joranal was Sultan Joranal ruler of the nation by the ocean of life.  The nation was hers as were the responsibilities of the land.

As odd to us as it may sound one of the most important responsibilities of the ruler was his Harem.  The larger the number of women he kept and the more frequently they were bedded the stronger and more virile the man, though these women were put to death if they ever became pregnant.  This led to a couple of problems for the ruler.  The Sultan couldn’t have sex with women without them knowing her secret.

Women who were attracted to other women were cast out on the street and often taken in and butchered for food for the livestock.  Her fate would be no better if she were found out, so she let out that she wanted only women whom she alone had interviewed.

The other problem wasn’t as big, but could become awkward.  She had a desire to have a harem as any other prince would and once the Sultan she wanted it just as she desired.  In the land of Arison what a man was attracted to was his own business.  If he liked his women to always be pregnant then he could do so with no question of what happened to the babies.  If he never wanted his women to leave the house that was fine as well, but Jaranal wanted his women to start off plump and grow to her liking, she had to let it out that she wanted two things, one was they all be well fed and soft, but not larger than 2 mores, the equivalents of 180 pounds.  The other thing was she wanted them to be desiring sex with the Sultan and other women as well.  In this she hoped she’d find other women with a secret to keep.

Things went well and without scandal for the Sultan Jaranal and her harem of women.  Most men didn’t believe a woman could learn to read, or do math.  The idea that their benevolent ruler was in fact a woman would have lead to her being beaten and left for the scavengers outside of their town.  Jaranal became known as the beardless king and was recognized as a fertile man being that his breeding woman had already bore him two children so soon after being crowned.  After that younger men kept their faces clean to mimic that of their leader.

On a day quite common for the Sultan a message arrived from a local asking her to see his daughter to find if she would be appropriate for the harem.  The slender ruler sat in a large cushioned throne at the top of a set of stairs.  The throne was gold and studded with rubies and diamonds with the Sultan as its most brilliant gem.  The woman dressed in a red sequined cloak meant for a man with a gold top and trousers underneath.  She sat tall and proud as she waited for the young woman to enter.

What she saw was a short plump girl in what was clearly her finest clothes, but to the tall proud leader they looked like rags, “she’s not much to look at.”

The young woman looked down in shame knowing she would be sent out on the streets if she wasn’t accepted here.

A large brute of a man stood beside her, he cuffed her on the arm hard enough to knock her over a little, “look up girl and stand straight, show him your face.”

With fear she looked up at the man and showed her large brown eyes set in a plump face.  Her hair was long and straight with a deep chestnut color.

“Have her come up here,” Joranal said as if contemplating things.

The young woman looked up in surprise as she heard the order her father shoved her to the steps making her fall to the ground, “get over there.  Do as your king says.”

Sultan Joranal stood now in anger, “hey, no one strikes the women in my home but me.  I’m having her climb the steps for a reason, how can I know what I need to if you damage her.”

The man looked chagrined and bowed away.  The young woman made it to the top with some effort.  Heaving with every step she found her way to the top.

“Well, you’re clearly on your way,” Joranal said coolly looking at the woman who couldn’t properly climb a flight of stairs without help.  “I only have a couple of questions, simply answer them honestly and I’ll know what I need to know.”

Sultan Jaranal looked at the young woman.  She was about eighteen years old and up close was relatively pretty.  She thought the young woman could become quite lovely with enough help, but that wasn’t the issue.  By the customs of the land the young woman had to stay in a subservient position at all times not matter what was said or done.  She also couldn’t speak or make any sound implying need of any kind in front of her Sultan.  If she had passed out from hunger or illness she could be put to death for insulting the Sultan’s place in the society.  So she stood with her head down in a low crouch fighting to keep from breathing too heavily and trying not to show the pain in her legs from the climb up the thirty steps.

“Have you ever been with a man?”  Sultan Jaranal asked looking seriously at the young woman to gauge her response.  There wasn’t taboo against premarital sex and few women were virgins on the day of their tie to a man.

“Yes, my Lord.”  The young woman kept her head down as many did in front of the Sultan when hiding displeasure, keeping it in as low a posture as possible feigning extreme deference.

“Would you be opposed to sharing your nights with a woman?”  It was known the Sultan not only enjoyed having many women at a time, but also in watching those women have each other.  Something most men didn’t like on account of certain taboos which didn’t apply to royalty.

At that the young woman’s poise lightened but then cowered a bit in reflexive fear, “I will do as my Lord asks of me.”

This wasn’t a direct answer, but it said what the Sultan wanted to know.  Sultan Joranal spoke loudly to the man at the foot of the stairs, “you may leave your daughter here.  She will do.”

The man left happy, counting the points of status he had gained.  The prestige of having a girl he had sired become one of the Sultan’s women would make up for the shame of baring a girl, “Thank you my Lord.”

“And now,” Sultan Joranal turned again to the girl, “what is your name?”

“If it would so please your Grace, my name is Marasha.”  The young woman was led down the stairs and through the great halls of the palace to a building that by comparison looked like a cottage, but was in fact a large palatial dwelling with open rooms.

When Marasha walked into the building she stared in wonder at the layout of the open design, and its inhabitants.  More than thirty women varying from quite plump to massively fat sat stood or lay in different states of rest.  All the women wore fitted jeweled clothing in many different styles.  All the clothes had one thing in common; each outfit left the expanding women’s bellies exposed in a way no other women were permitted.  It was actually a creed made by the Sultan but all these women’s bellies were not only exposed, but hung out in a way that looked intentionally provocative.

Marasha was still staring in disbelief when one of the women laying on a large bed in the middle of the main room said, “looks like we have a new one joining us.”

A servant came and began posing her, holding out an arm and measuring it and other parts of her body.  Marasha looked at the young dowdy servant girl in shock as she began to remove her slip of a gown right there, “but…”

The women laughed at her outburst in peals of mirth, “she has to change you.”  One finally said.

“In front of you?”  She looked again at the women who were all watching her as if this was a show for them.

One short very fat girl walked up to her with her large belly swaying back and forth and her half exposed breasts bouncing along, “We’ll be getting to know each other much better very soon.”  She traced her hand down the now exposed chest and belly of Marasha in a quite seductive way, “no reason why we can’t start now.”

The touch brought a shiver through the young woman who had never been given such an intimate caress.  When the woman reached her belly she felt soft quiver which brought a gasp to her lips.

“Mhh, my,” the blond woman said smiling at her, “She’ll be a ripe one.”  She turned to the group who were smiling with lust.  I bet she’ll be one to pop every time.”  Again peals of laughter filled the air.

Marasha was now dressed in a short skirt that barely covered her round full rump in the back but lay out longer in the front.  The top was no more than two pieces of fabric that crossed over her full breasts holding them in place with ingeniously designed cups which made them stand higher on her chest than they had ever before.  Though the dress was little more than three pieces of fabric held together over her body it was still the most exquisite thing she had ever worn.  Now like all the other young women her much smaller belly hung out swaying back and forth with every movement she made.

Instinctively she tried to cover herself fearing some sort of punishment in spite of the fact that every other woman was dressed exactly the same way.  This again brought peals of laughter from the women who weren’t in fact laughing at her, but the memory of doing the exact same thing.  “My dear, we are special,” yet another young woman said, “We are the fattened harem of the Sultan.  It is our duty to show our bellies.”

Then a team of female slaves came in with platter after platter of food on carts.  Fried meats, lathered in fattening gravies, pastries drizzled in that world’s version of chocolate, and the most prized thing of all, a delicate concoction of pure fat made palatable by a plant’s extract coated it in a shell which tasted like flavored sugar.  More and more carts of food were brought out and the few women standing went to the many lounges and got themselves comfortable.

“Come on girl,” one of the fattest women said, “you have to eat.”

One of the other women laughed gleefully with her mouth full of the prized treat, “It’s a solemn duty to prepare yourself for the Sultan.”

Another woman spoke up after swallowing some of the fried meat, “and get off your feet, you don’t want to waste the fat on standing.”

As Marasha lay on an empty bed she saw still more carts of food being wheeled into the one area which appeared to be closed off, “where’s that going?”  The young woman asked indolently.

The largest woman answered, “those are for the most prized ones of us.”

Marasha lay half reclined with many pillows propping her up feeling the soft orb of her bloated belly.  It had only been recently that the young woman had put on weight by her father’s insistence knowing if she was acceptable he could find favor in the community if one of his daughters was accepted as a consort of the Sultan.  Her dad had force fed her and it had been a humiliating and painful experience, but this was nothing short of pure joy.

Only the best foods were given to the women and each had their pick of any foods that could be made.  The gluttonous women gorged like this for the major meals of the day.  She had joined in time for only the early evening meal, and had missed the sheer volume of the earlier gorgings.

“Wonderful isn’t it?”  One of the smaller and therefore newer women said languidly lounging on an inclined bed “They make the best fares here of anywhere else.”  The fare was the name of the sweet coated fat delicacy.  The nectar compound which made up the shell had chemicals that made more than 80% of the fat digested, absorbed and turned into body fat.  It also helped speed up digestion making the large gorgings an option.

The young female slaves came in now with vials of what simply looked like lotion.  Marasha lay in a half drugged stupor as one of the ugly women walked up to her and began to lotion the exposed belly. “Mmhh,” was all she could say as she felt a warm sensation come over the total of her small belly.  She didn’t know another compound from herbs was in the lotion stimulating the layer closest to the skin to divide over and over again encouraging newly acquired fat to migrate to the lotioned parts of the body.  This too helped in the body’s absorption of fat.  The young women were chosen for the job because they had a genetic quirk which kept them from being affected by the compound, “do you get this every day?”  The young woman asked after the slaves were done.

The whole house of women laughed as one finally answered, “We get this after every meal.”

Another spoke up still a little dopey herself, “the Sultan gives us everything we want.”

The newest to the group heard again a slight inflection to the title Sultan that implied something she wasn’t sure about.  It lingered in her mind as she felt the softness of her own pouty little belly.  She thought it might be an illusion but she could swear it was already beginning to grow.  The dress did feel a bit snugger, but that could just be her shifting around as her body digested.

Less than a full two hours later Marasha was hungry again.  The hunger began to grow more as the time passed.  Then after another twenty minutes the main door to the house opened and the large group of hungry women brightened at the sight of their Sultan walking in.  The ruler was dressed in evening clothes, not so much ready for bed, but ready for the end of the day’s affairs and now able to enjoy a ruler’s wealth.  The top and pants were a casual brown and though clearly of an expensive fabric much like silk.  It was plain and had no jewels or patterns.  The cloak was also much simpler, but was clearly a fine peace of clothing.  It had a trimming around its border of a mink like quality.  The Sultan’s head was covered as it always was in public as a sign of protection, this time with the hood of the cloak.

Though she had stood next to him, Marasha hadn’t been able to really look at him and now saw that though not traditionally handsome he had strong features on a slight frame.  His seed must be potent.  His breeding mate was pregnant again.  All the women in the group smiled as they saw the revered King come in, “My women, how have you been treating my newest acquisition?”

The largest of the women smiled and said, “Oh she’ll be wonderful, she ate an entire plate of fares.”  The woman shifted her weight in a way that let her massive belly lay beside her as she was partly on her side.

Sultan Jaranal walked up to the newest woman and leaned down to caress her small belly, “Yes, I see it’s already just a bit bigger.”  The young woman recoiled at the touch of the Sultan, but instead of angering him it brought an amused smile to the leader’s face, “I take it you haven’t had the chance to explain the state of things to her yet.”

Again the largest of the women spoke, “when could we?  The slaves were here most of the time.”

Sultan Jaranal walked over to the woman who seemed almost too fat to walk now and languidly traced one hand down the huge woman’s belly, “I suppose this will be our last chance together before you move to the other room.”  There seemed to be a mix of regret and titillation in the Sultan’s voice, “very well I’ll have you as well tonight.  Let’s see, who else?”

“I think you should let the new girl pick.”  An errant voice from the crowd said.

Peals of giggling rang out but Marasha froze in fear, the sheer brazenness of the women shocked her.  No women spoke like this to a man no matter how pampered she was.  It was too easy for such privilege to be taken away.  It was heresy to assume a woman could presume to voice her opinion to the Sultan.

But the Sultan simply smiled and said, “Very well, Marasha, it’s your choice.  With whom would you like to be bedded tonight?”  The look of shock wasn’t lost on Jaranal, she smiled conspiratorially and said, “the slaves aren’t allowed in here when I am with my women, if one was found to pass the guards who wait outside they would be executed before ever opening their mouth.  Your indulgences are safe here.”

Marasha looked around the room and saw the blond with large breasts on top of a large belly who had caressed her own small belly and pointed, “her.”  The voice was so small only the Sultan had heard it.

Joranal smiled, “Barma, good choice, my girl.”  The Sultan turned and walked to a back area closed off by a set of double doors.

The fattest of them all named Halya heaved and pushed herself from the laying position eventually getting herself up to a stand, and walked towards the back.  Barma pulled herself up as well and followed with more energy and clear anticipation for something wonderful.  Only then did the newest realize she was supposed to follow.

As she found herself catching up with Halya she heard the woman say quietly, “understand that if you ever speak of what you are about to see, you will not only destroy this nation, but cast us all out on the streets to be killed for boar food.”  The woman was already breathing heavily but her words carried the weight of their meaning well, “and whomever destroys this life for us will be the first to die as slowly and painfully as we can make her.”

The words struck Marasha hard, but she couldn’t imagine what could be so horrible a secret.  When she entered the room however, the question was answered and the young woman stared in utter shock.

Marasha stood staring in stunned disbelief.  The room was filled with food enough for a banquet for sixteen people and was lit by orbs which let off a soft warm glow.  Barma was already getting a large platter of candies and pastries and taking them to a massive bed that lay in the center of the large room.  The bed could have easily bedded nine people it was so huge, and had enough pillows of varying sizes to satisfy an army of people.  The young fat blond took some pillows and made herself comfortable as she smiled at Marasha who still stared in stunned silence, “what’s the matter aren’t you hungry?”  And Barma coyly placed a fare on her tongue and swallowed it whole.

But it wasn’t the seductive fat woman that grabbed Marasha’s attention.  The Sultan wore a garment around her breasts to conceal them, but with her top off the garment did nothing to hide the small bumps.  Sultan Joranal was standing in front of the massive bed preparing to bring more food from the food-laden tables when she saw her new consorts face, “well now you have it.  Are you going to come in?”

Halya waddled by heaving and wheezing with the effort but finally lay herself on the bed diving into the platter brought to her by the Sultan without even a word to any of them.  Joranal leaned over her fattest woman and kissed her languidly after the massive woman had swallowed her first mouthful, “you have been delectable, my dear.”

The whole scene was still just too much for Marasha to accept.  It wasn’t such a shock that their evening of entertaining would include eating, and multiple sex partners were common for royalty, but Marasha couldn’t understand how this woman had managed to become what she was.  Finally in a fit of frustration Joranal said, “get over here.  Get some food.  And eat.”

The actual command snapped Marasha out of her stupor.  Before thinking about it she went to the table letting the door close behind her and made a plate of food as large as she could as she thought was expected for her to do.  Turning to the bed she saw Barma removing the garment and letting it finally fall.  Halya let down the Sultan’s trousers and in moments she was naked.  The women still wore their gowns, but it was clear they didn’t deny access to anything.  With the removal of one hook the tops were down and their breasts were fully exposed.

“But, you’re a…” the dumbfounded woman didn’t get to finish.

“Sultan,” Hayla said as if that were what Marasha was about to say, “Joranal is our Sultan and our world.”

Joranal looked over at her with a smile of invitation, “now come over here so I can have my smallest and my fattest at the same time.”  Marasha finally grasped the whole of the situation and walked the few steps to the bed and Joranal smiled coyly at the blond girl finishing up her own plate of treats, “while Barma here fills that little belly of yours for you.  We’ll get you truly fat in no time.”

Joranal let Marasha lie next to Halya so the two were as close at the fat woman could get herself.  The smallest of the girls needed to catch up so the fattest lay her platter-sized plate between them and at first Barma played slave getting the two as much food as she could as fast as she could.  This was something the blond woman enjoyed and did it well feeding the girls as they at first lay on their backs with Joranal fondling them both with her large strong hands.  She nuzzled breasts full and heavy; fondled bellies, one small and jiggling, the other massive and heavy with layers of fat.  She loved fat women of all sizes, all shapes.  She loved seeing a woman grow bigger and fatter with every passing day.  She loved that her unique situation gave her an excuse to give her women more than others would.

Truth was she could have cowered them into submission and force fed them into immobility, but for her this was more fun.  These women were hers to do with as she pleased and they were loyal to her because they could lose it all in an instant if they weren’t.  Finally Marasha’s belly was one giant heaving orb of food and fat and her body tingled with a sexual frenzy she didn’t know was possible.  She began to come over and over again at the play of the Sultan between her legs and Halya’s.  On command both women rolled onto their hands and knees with great difficulty.  Before she was even ready for it she felt Joranal penetrate her and heard the moan of pleasure from Halya.  She heard her own moans of pleasure as she felt fingers pumping away inside her with expert skill.  Out of nowhere she heard soft grunts of pleasure from Joranal as Barma worked her own chubby fingers between the Sultan’s legs and brought her to orgasm with the women on the bed.

After all four woman lay on the bed covered in sweat and sex Joranal lay on her side and looked at Barma, “and now it’s your turn my neglected little fatty.”  Joranal looked at the sex and food drunk women and said, “bring me the food that’s left, you two lazy girls.”  It was said as a rebuke but it was clear the Sultan was happy with them.

Halya was simply too fat to walk back and forth from the bed and to the table so she sat at the edge taking the plates from Marasha who filled them and handed them over to the massive woman.  Halya handed the plates over to Joranal who fed the food to Barma until she couldn’t swallow another bite.  All three woman surrounded the laying one and began to fondle her body.  Marasha was unsure of herself and in the middle of the other two’s play Barma directed the young woman to her delight.

After a third session with the women paring off Joranal with Halya and, and Barma with Marasha the three women slept languidly stuffed and happily sated.  The Sultan made her way back to the palace until the next night.

In the morning Marasha was sure she was fatter.  The dress couldn’t cover her breasts anymore and she was given a green gown made of not much more than two straps of fabric one made a skirt and the other made a harness type top.

They were all bathed by the slaves while they ate in the beds, couches, and chairs.  Each had their bellies oiled, make-up done, and hair washed and set for the day.  Massages were given to those who needed them, and food was brought in every couple of hours.  It became clear to the newest member what was going on.  She knew the purpose of all this was to fatten them up, but to what end?  There was only one way to know and that was to become so fat you could no longer walk to the back room.

Halya now fit into that exulted status.  She knew no more than any of the others except that most nights after she was done with her three women, the Sultan went to that back room for hours sometimes staying until morning.  Now, three slave women came with a mechanized cart to take the woman to the room none had ever seen.

She had grown in the night and after her morning feeding she was barely able to transfer from one bed to the other.  Each woman said her goodbye and Marasha wondered if she’d ever see the woman again.

The weeks passed on like the first day.  The Sultan spent her evening with her women picking three for their evening’s pleasure, but the days were spent feeding and sleeping.  Boredom was held off with gossiping and the women of the Harem’s own little trysts.  Nothing was expected of the women except to eat sleep, and of course have sex and get fat.

However any romances among them were only allowed to go so far.  They couldn’t express love for each other, or do anything past have sex to cement any kind of bond.  And they were required to have sex with others of the group whenever it was asked of them.  Every one of the women enjoyed their special place in their society and they were so utterly spoiled none had any of the sense of responsibility needed to commit to more than casual and shallow sex.

Sultan Joranal had her favorites among the group.  None were forced to gain, they were simply given no chance to lose weight and given massively excessive amounts of food so often they couldn’t help to gain no matter how disinterested they were in the process.  Because of that, some of the women gained faster than others.  Some women like Barma had been there for a long time and though she had gained weight she hadn’t done it all that fast, because she was more interested in enjoying the process of fattening up the others, something the Sultan enjoyed sharing with her.

Marasha was one of those women who found she loved to gorge.  She couldn’t get enough of eating and often wanted to continue stuffing her face long after she had filled up to the point where she literally couldn’t contain any more.  There were many days when she got so completely stuffed that her distended belly actually restricted her breathing.  The slaves knew how to handle such situations well and were able to give her oxygen with the others in the group who were filled so utterly.  Otherwise they would have suffocated to death by the sheer volume of their stomachs.

Because of her love of gaining, the newest member quickly became the Sultan’s favorite woman.  There were roughly thirty women at any given time and so most women could expect to be chosen every couple of weeks.  Marasha found herself going to the back room as many as three times a week and among those harem members who enjoyed helping a woman fatten up she had also become the more favored.  Because of this the once meek woman who had feared even showing she had a need could have any whim either sexual or in food met any time she wished.

The effects on her personality and her body quickly became more than apparent.  The young woman sat in one of the many giant chairs partly reclined, her feet held up slightly by a small stool.  Barma stood beside her happily feeding the young woman while taking from the platter of fares herself.  The young woman had begun to pass Barma in size lately.  Her once small soft tummy had morphed into a large pillow of fat that sagged down in one massive ball, her little navel running deep in the center of the mass.

Barma was stroking the mass smiling at it while feeding yet another square of coated fat, “so nice my dear.”

Marasha waved one softened hand refusing another of the treats, “no more, get me some fried boar will you?”  It was intended as a request, but came out a command.

Barma merely laughed walking over to an unclaimed cart and brought it to the waiting woman, “my, are we demanding today.”

“I get tired of those things.  They’re good, but I want variety.”  She opened her mouth again allowing the greasy breaded meat to be placed into her mouth.

“Well, we wouldn’t want you to get tired of eating,” again she watched the woman gorge seeing her begin to labor in her breathing.  Her massive breasts rose and fell with each breath.  “One thing I love is how big your breasts have gotten as well as that lovely stomach of yours.”

When Marasha was stuffed enough the slaves came by and fitted her with a small tube that fit in one nostril so she could get the oxygen she needed to breathe while she slept off her stuffing and their oiling.

The fat young woman mused as she looked at the doors to the room none of them had been in yet.  She was getting quite fat and in dead she was enjoying herself and all the food and sex, but she wanted in that room.  Every day that she found she could still walk was another day of disappointment.  Every day she grew out of her clothes occasionally ripping them with the sheer speed of gaining she was going through.  She knew now that she could in fact feel herself getting fatter and found it utterly erotic.

Marasha reveled in her time with the Sultan and enjoyed her times with the other women, and found ways to use the process of gaining to bring herself to climax on her own, but it wasn’t until the day she felt her belly slide between her legs as she sat down that she knew for certain she was truly getting close.  Her belly was so massive she now looked like she only wore a top and that was as minimal as it could possibly be.  Her chubby face now actually had its own layers of fat with her fat cheeks filling out to soft jowls and a full double chin that filled out and was developing a third.

When the Sultan asked for her to join it was with the same look she had on her face that first night with Halya, “will I be getting there soon?”  She asked the woman that was her king.

“I know you will be.”  Joranal said smiling and kissing her on the mouth before the woman worked to stand.

It was about seven more days before she finally reached the point the Sultan and her had been waiting for.  It hadn’t been a year yet, but Marasha had gained over 500 pounds.  It was the day after the nightly orgy with Sultan Joranal’s other two favorites, another massive woman who wasn’t very far behind Marasha, and a third woman who was relatively new and not quite as big but gaining fast.  Marasha lay on the bed in the back room sleeping where she had lay the night before not wanting to even try to move after her massive feeding.

She snored loudly as she sprawled out on her side with the giant belly laying beside her.  The massive layers of fat weighed as much as the woman had herself when she had joined the harem.  Finally she felt the hunger that meant it was morning and saw where she was.  She struggled to stand and realized she couldn’t pull herself up.

The young woman heaved and pulled and tried rolling from one side to another and found she couldn’t pull herself to even a seated position.  Just the day before she could stand with difficulty but nevertheless she could stand.  But now she couldn’t even sit.  After her heavy breathing had subsided she called out to the slaves in the other room who were looking for the missing woman.

The slave women frantically pulled the woman up and helped her sit and then stand.  The special bed didn’t fit in the room and she agonized over the ten steps to the door and simply fell onto the waiting bed allowing the slave women to move her into place.  As tortuous and challenging as the move was, she was altogether delighted with herself.  Marasha could now become one of the precious few and go to the back rooms with the other women like her.

The area Marasha was wheeled into was darker than the rest of the home.  She saw a large corridor she was slowly pushed down.  The space smelled of musky sweet incense that permeated the total of the massive hall.  It was much darker than the rest of the home and had a feeling of being closed off from the rest of the world in a way the front area didn’t have.  To her right was a wall decorated in deep shades of maroon and dark red with small smoky lights glowing faintly.  To her left were cubicle-like rooms with woman after woman laying in beds like hers, each one at varying stages of extreme morbid obesity.

The women each had a small tube that ran into their nose through one hole and attached to the wall behind them.  Most women were so incredibly fat they couldn’t even move much more than their pudgy arms.  A few of the women had grown so large additions were placed beside the beds to hold up layers of fat that were spilling over the side.  All the women seemed half dazed and few seemed to know what was going on around them.

“What is this?”  Marasha asked but knew the slaves wouldn’t talk.  They had never spoken one word in all the time she had been at the house of the Harem, but she wanted to know.  In her mind the young woman had imagined great lavish extravagance that made the rest of the house look like the home of a pauper, but the truth seemed to be something quite different.

Finally she passed a room where she thought she recognized one of the women.  It wasn’t anything specific, but something about the massive belly and full cheeks of the woman made her think of Halya, “is that you, Halya?”  As they passed the space she saw the woman’s cheeks move as though she were eating something.  Her eyes were glassy and unfocused as if staring off into someplace so engrossing she couldn’t think of anything else.

Marasha’s blood began to run cold at the sight and even more than before she wondered what was going on.  Finally at an empty cubicle the slave women pulled her into place.  The women left her in the spot and she looked frantic as she realized they were just leaving her in her spot, “but wait!”  She cried, “I’m hungry, I need my food.”

“Oh you’ll get food,” she heard a man’s voice say.  It seemed condescending and mocking her somewhat.  She saw a man in doctor’s clothes looking at her in mild disgust, “but first let’s get you ready for the next part of your life.”  He had a pair of scissors and was cutting off the gown she wore leaving her naked with her massive breasts sliding down to her sides.

“But…”  Marasha just stared in horror at the man.

“Oh shut up,” his utter lack of interest in her fear and need brought more fear to the helpless woman.  “Whatever his reasons, the Sultan likes you this way,” at her look of dismay he smirked, “What, did you forget all of this was happening at the will of the Sultan?  Typical.”  The doctor walked to the wall and brought out a tube, “all of you are the best example of why we keep our women in line.  You think you get to have thoughts.”  He began to shove to tube down her left nostril gagging her as she fought it, “Knock it off or you’ll choke yourself.  All of you want nothing more than to be gorged until you’re nothing but these giant bodies of fat.  His Majesty likes it and that works out, so stop complaining, you got what you want.”

The doctor gave the fat woman a hearty slap on her belly making t wobble from side to side as he walked away, “Well, better go speed up the oldest one here, got to make room for the next.”

At first Marasha called out crying over her situation trying to make sense of it.  But after a while she simply stopped thinking.  The tube in her nose sent a liquid form of the fare to her belly in a continues run of food, filling her up more quickly that the small tube would appear to be able to.  In the pure fat and flour cocktail there was a drug that slowly numbed the mind.  It brought it to its most basic tendencies.

After an hour or so trays of food were brought in to further fill the bellies and give some semblance of nutrition to the women.  Each simply opened their mouths and accepted the food without thinking.  Marasha didn’t saver every bite, she simply opened her mouth and chewed and swallowed, her fat belly growing bigger and bigger with the addition of more calories.

When the Sultan finally came to her back rooms to see her favored women she went straight to Marasha, “ah, yes.”  She smiled on her with delight, “You are going to just grow and grow I can tell.”  Marasha stared off, her brain simply functioning to continue her body’s function.

Sultan Joranal caressed every inch of her newest member of the back room, feeling every inch of her body occasionally slapping the fat and working her way under the layers of stomach to her hidden sex.

Somewhere deep in Marasha’s brain she knew what was going on.  She couldn’t even mentally cry out as her body was brought to orgasm.  All she could do was make the chewing motion as if she were eating and feel the intensity of the sensation.  And then the familiar feel of the Sultan’s kiss, “You’ll be my fattest one yet.”  And Sultan Joranal left her harem of women, smiling and satisfied.

*Ten days later*

Kersa walked into the front doors of the Harem’s house and looked at the women who all languidly finished their first meals of the day.  She was a short woman with little sign of extra weight on her body except a hint of softness around her belly.  She was possibly the thinnest woman ever allowed to join but she was grateful.

Here she knew that at least sometimes she would be able to have sex with other women even if she still had to be with the king more.  Growing fat sounded fun to her since her father had decided if she didn’t make it here she’d be sent to one of the many brothels to bring in money that way.  There was no doubt this was a better alternative.

“Will someone sit this skinny thing down and get her some food?”  A woman said.

“Slaves,” another woman said, “get this girl some real clothes.”

The young redhead smiled at the massively fat blond who lay in one of the bigger beds.  Barma had finally gotten too fat to be one of the feeding girls and had decided to grow enough to join the women in the back.  She often smiled at the notion of seeing her old favorite again.  It amazed her at how much she missed Marasha.

She smiled at the notion of making love to her again only this time with both of them so massively fat.  She called for more fares knowing they would speed up the process.

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A Beautiful World

Waking Ugly
Kenzie McGrey was sitting at her desk in a cubical near the break room working on a proposal for her company.  It was about one in the afternoon and she just wanted to get it done so she could get the rest of the paper work out of the way.  She was the typical former homecoming queen type who had spent her life making sure she stayed beautiful and thin.  She had long glossy brown hair and small perky breasts poking slightly from her professional but very reveling outfit.
A group of women were laughing and talking in the break room disturbing her concentration.  The office rules were that everyone was to be back by 12:45, but was not strictly enforced unless work was not completed on time.  The three women were all late getting back and were getting pop, coffee, and snacks for their desks.  The loudest of them all was a medium height morbidly obese woman who laughed loudly as she talked with her friend a tall very slender woman.
After less then five minutes of their banter Kenzie got up and went over to the women with a distinctive huff and a glare.  Patty, the slender of the two was leaning against a counter stirring her coffee and smiling at Milly, the fat and vocal woman.  A third, a somewhat mousey woman with a scar on her lip and a large mole above her eye stood listening to the conversation but not seeming to really be a part of it.
“Some of us are here to work not gab.”  Kenzie said staring at the three.  She showed more disgust of Patty for associating with the two misfits.
Milly looked over to the small slender woman who was berating them.  “And some of us have friends and like to chat instead of eating at our desks all lunch hour.”
Patty tried to be reasonable, “Yeah come on, relax for a wile.”
Though attractive Kenzie’s personality was that of a woman who knew she could get what she wanted from her looks, and had no hesitation in going for it.  She wasn’t accustomed to being shot down by people she thought of as beneath her, and like the spoiled brat she was the pretty woman threw a tantrum.  “Right, relax and risk looking like that giant tub of lard you call a friend.”
Patty was angry now defending her friend.  “Hay, she works harder than anyone here.”
“You call this work, you’re interrupting work.  And stuffing yourself with crap making yourself more of a disgusting mess than you already are.  Now shut the hell up.”
All this time the woman who had been listening to the conversation simply watched thinking seriously as Kenzie continued on her tirade.  After the young spoiled beauty marched off in a huff the woman popped open her can and walked between the two who were still standing.  Milly hurt by the words, and Patty angrier than she could remember.  “She better watch herself.  The world has a way of evening the score.”
When she looked over she saw the owner of their business, a tall middle-aged Hispanic man with dark skin leaning over talking to Kenzie as the lovely woman sat seductively talking to him.  The young fat woman plunged one pudgy hand into her bag of candy with a shake in her voice.  “Yeah, she looks like she’s really suffering.”
Patty leaned over putting a hand on her friends ample shoulder in sympathy.  “Come on, let’s just get back to work.”
When Kenzie got home it was past seven.  She had gone to the gym and worked out as usual.  Her dinner consisted of a light salad with baked herb chicken and no dressing, just a hint of vinegar.  She watched a show about modeling and thought about her upcoming weekend.  Mr Alvarez, or Choto, as he liked her to call him was taking her to Cancun on Friday.  She had the perfect bikini to wear.
She looked around her small but well cared for apartment.  The furniture was nice and well maintained.  Her TV was small but new and her bedroom had a lovely queen sized bed with a soft expensive mattress bought by Choto for her comfort and when he came over to stay the night.  She was most definitely a kept woman, and she loved it.  As she put on a small white tea shirt and white panties to go to bed she thought, “Maybe I could get him to fire those busy bodies.  I know how to get him to.”
She closed her eyes smiling to herself not only about the idea of a quieter work place, but of the fat Milly in a soup kitchen line homeless because she couldn’t find another job.  Yes, her life was perfect.
When Kenzie woke up the next morning she knew before she got out of bed something wasn’t rite.  Her back was stiff from her hard mattress and she had a headache that came from sleeping in an awkward position.  When the slender woman got up and looked around her room things just weren’t quite right, and it was hard to place how at first.  It was as though the room seemed dimmer than it should.
Eventually she noticed the bed wasn’t as plush.  It was an old mattress she had over a year ago.  Confused, but not yet more than a little worried, Kenzie walked to her closet to get dressed for work.  When she looked at the clothes they seemed wrong.  The sleeveless tops she owned had been replaced by short sleeved tops and she had many dark colored jackets.  Her skirts were all also much longer than she remembered and the slacks hanging there were baggy and unflattering.  The young woman stared at everything in confusion.  Then it dawned on her.  All her nice things were gone.  She had some items that were clearly well cared for and some new, but none were her expensive gifts from Choto.
Angry, she went to her phone to call him, thinking maybe he had come in during the night and had taken them all back.  This didn’t make much sense but nothing made much sense at this point.  When she got to the phone he wasn’t on the call list.  In fact there were only about five numbers on her cell phone her mom’s, her dad’s, her sister’s, work, and 911.  All her friends numbers had disappeared.  She didn’t actually know Choto’s number so she couldn’t call him.  The only way this was going to be figured out was to get dressed and go to work.
She dressed in the clothes she thought made her look frumpy trying to make them look as nice as she could.  The vain woman did her hair and makeup before leaving.  Looking at herself she decided she looked decent enough and went outside to go to work.
When she left her apartment she was confronted with a sight she wasn’t prepared for.  A neighbor of hers, a hugely fat woman who made Milly look nearly average, waddled by in an outfit that made Kenzie simply stare in disbelief.  The woman’s long blond hair was fashioned into a large fancy style held up by chopsticks, her makeup looked professional, her fitted low cut red shirt exposed her cleavage which was being held up by a bra clearly made to cause her breasts to wobble as she moved.  The top encased her huge belly that hung low in front of her swaying from side to side as she walked.  The black skirt she wore barely hung lower than her stomach.
It appeared as though the huge woman had gone to great lengths to look good and was clearly pleased with her choice, but Kenzie felt physically ill at the sight.  She had never been kind to the woman, and was about to come up with a comment, telling her to put actual clothes on but the woman beat her to it.
“What the hell are you looking at, bean pole?”  In a moment’s appraisal the fat neighbor looked her up and down as if Kenzie were the inappropriately dressed one.  “Good God, cover up.  If you don’t have the decency to put some flab on, at least have the self respect to hide the scrawn.”
The woman walked on, her huge butt peeking out from under her short skirt.  Kenzie just stared, dumbfounded.  “Did that just happen?”  She thought, locking the door to her apartment.  “Put some flab on?  What the hell is going on here?”
The young and now very confused woman, lived in a city where about as many people walked or rode the bus as drove to work.  She always walked to work and rode home as a way of getting exercise.  She usually got some jeers and whistles as she made her way to work, but today was different.  One thing she noticed was there were a lot more fat women, and not just a couple of hundred pounds.  Most of the women she saw were at least 400 lbs or more.  Many wore low cut pats that actually let their bellies hang out and showed the crack and thong in the back.
As she looked on in revulsion and disbelief, a man yelled from his car, “Yo twig, put some clothes on.”
She looked at herself for a moment.  She was wearing a skirt and a short sleeved top.  It was professional, but more conservative than she usually dressed.  Her arms were exposed and her legs could be seen, that was all.  When she kept on walking another thin woman walked into her, head down, and apparently trying not to be noticed.  She was covered from head to toe and was sweating under all the layers in the hot weather.  The woman looked momentarily in disgust at Kenzie’s body as if to say, “Cover up will you?”
When Kenzie finally got to work, things continued to go downhill.  The young woman didn’t think it was possible, but she should have known better.  The only one who seemed unaffected by whatever was going on, was the woman with the harelip scar and large mole.
Milly was even fatter than the day before, her large double belly spilling out from her pants and her massive breasts barely contained in her top.  Her hair, which had previously been not much more than clean, looked like it had a professional style and cut, piled up high with curls spilling down over her forehead.  Patty was now over 200 lbs and had a huge jelly belly that she seemed to be quite proud of.  Her bubble butt poked out of her tight dress and when she moved large hanging folds of fat jiggled on her arms.
The two women still gabbed in the break room as Kenzie tried to work.
“I put on another 20 lbs.”  Patty said with apparent pride.
Milly was smiling, quite jolly and eating from a tray of donuts that hadn’t been there the day before.  “I told you you could do it.  All you need is determination.”  Milly laughed loudly as she grabbed another donut.  “I better watch it or you’ll get fatter than me.”
Kenzie rolled her eyes and actually put her hands over her ears trying to block them out as she worked.  The world had truly gone nuts and the insanity wasn’t about to end.  Choto finally arrived at work.  The young and formerly most attractive woman, had intended to chew him out for dumping her, but the situation had turned around completely.  She was smart enough to know things weren’t as simple as she had originally thought.  This wasn’t about him any more.  This was about the whole dammed world.
As Milly walked out of the break room, she saw Mr Alvarez go into the office.  With what appeared to be intended as a prim swagger, the very large woman moved her body in such a way as to make sure every part of her body jiggled as she made her way to her cubicle.  Patty also returned to her desk, making her belly bounce as much as possible as she walked.
Kenzie stopped being shocked by the women’s actions but she was still disgusted by the sight.  Choto Alvarez walked a circuit around the room talking to his employees, as he did once a month.  It just so happened that Kenzie was having a few issues they needed to discuss and he lingered at her station.  As they talked Kenzie thought he was being overly nice, and maybe in this screwed-up world he was still her lover, just not so openly.
She began to be more flirtatious with him, but the older man appeared to either miss the subtle gestures or was ignoring them.  As he moved on she realized, to her instant humiliation that she had been swooning over him like a love-sick puppy.  When Mr Alvarez stopped at her male neighbor in the next cubicle he chatted exactly as he had done with her.
The thin and confused woman stared at her computer screen, tapping a pencil while holding back tears of frustration.  He was just a nice guy showing some attention to the ugly girl in the office, nothing more.  There was still one shock left for Kenzie, one she should have expected given how things had changed.  When Mr Alvarez got to Milly’s cubicle he bent over the huge woman who was leaning back letting her belly hang between her legs.  They talked quietly as she fiddled with her hair and grinned widely, making a third chin on her fleshy face.
Unable to resist Kenzie listened in on the conversation as she pretended to work.
“Oh, yes, Cancun is lovely this time of year.”  He was brushing his hand down the expanse of her wide fat belly making her giggle with the light tickling.
When the laughter ended, Milly said seductively.  “I have a new bikini, it’s so small you can barely see it.”
Kenzie didn’t know whether to get sick from revulsion or cry with self pity.  That was supposed to be her trip.  She had worked so hard to get him in this place.  With any luck she was going to be able to trap him.  He had said he wanted to get married and this was going to be her ticket out.  But fat-ass Milly was going instead.
“Well.”  Mr Alvarez said, leaning in closer over the huge woman.  “I have planned everything just to your liking.  I will love to fatten you up just as much as I can.”
Kenzie got up and left the office in disgust and frustration.  She walked into the bathroom, not caring that everyone was watching her.  After a few minutes of crying in a stall, the young woman stepped out and looked at herself in the mirror.  Not only did she look frumpy and washed out, she now had swollen eyes and her makeup was ruined.  She cursed at herself, realizing she had left her purse in the office.
In a moment Patty was by her side handing her the purse and looking sympathetically at her.  Kenzie grabbed the purse out of her hand glaring at the newly fattened woman.  She turned to fix her makeup without even saying thank you.
“Everyone knows you have a thing for him,” Patty continued as if the cold shoulder hadn’t been offered.  “Storming out crying won’t make him like you.”
Half fixed up Kenzie looked over at Patty.  “Do me a favor, Patt.”
“Anything, you know I just…”
Kenzie interrupted talking slowly as if to someone mentally challenged.  “Mind your own business.”
Patty turned to leave her patience worn out.  But before going she tried one last time.  “You know, its not that hard.  I’ve put on almost 100 lbs in just the last few months.  You might not get Choto, but maybe you wouldn’t get laughed at.”
Kenzie shoved her makeup in her purse, irritated and angrier than before.  “I said, mind you own business.”
Patty, now angry too, opened the door and looked at Kenzie.  “I take it back, even if you were fat no one would like you.  No one likes a bitch, Kenzie.”
After Patty left Kenzie looked at her reflection in the mirror.  “This has got to be a nightmare.”  She muttered to herself.
A toilet flushed and Kenzie spun around to see the frumpy woman with the mole on her face walking out of the stalls.  “Then try and wake up.”
The strange woman left the bathroom with Kenzie staring after her.
By the end of her work day Kenzie was deflated and more morose than she had ever felt before.  She had never been a negative person, just spoiled and she expected things to go her way.  She didn’t realize it, but the way she was feeling was exactly how all the victims of her insensitive nature had felt.  She didn’t know how to be ugly.  The always popular young woman didn’t realize that kindness and compassion weren’t her due simply for existing.  After a day of being mocked, belittled, humiliated, and blatantly ignored she felt as ugly as she was viewed by everyone else.
Now she was riding the buss to her gym about a mile away from home.  When she got on the bus she had to stand because there were no seats, and no men offered her his as they usually did.  Standing in the isle holding onto the bar she looked tiredly at the ads which were altered as she had begun to expect.  “Gain 50 Lbs in 50 days!!!”  was in an ad where a thin woman looked out as the “Before” and then a woman who was presumably her in the “After” with way more than 50 Lbs gained.  Another said, “Metabo-loss, the new diet pill that will crash your metabolism and make you gain weight fast.”
As Kenzie got off the bus at the stop next to her gym, she saw the all-women’s gym was replaces with something called a Feedery.  She looked inside with surprise and disgust.  She saw women, including Patty and Milly, with tubes in their mouths reclining in chairs and watching TV on huge screens.  Men walked around the room changing the large vats that hung above the women, from which the tubes came.  The vats appeared to contain barely melted pure lard which the women were sucking up quickly.
When Kenzie turned away, she saw a sign on the wall, with a photo of a woman who was at least 600 lbs smiling back at her, with a belly apron that sagged down to her knees.  The sign said, “Join now and your first 100 lbs are free!!!”  Kenzie stared at the picture intently, thinking there was something very familiar about the woman.  She jumped back in disbelief when she realized it was Brittney Spears.
This was just too much.  She nearly ran the whole way home.  Huffing and in near sobs she made it to the building where her neighbor was going out in an even more reveling outfit than in the morning.  “Oh staying in again I see.”  The woman said with cattish cruelty.  “Well maybe if you put on a couple hundred pounds and got a personality transplant some guy would want you too.”
At this point Kenzie had heard it all so many times she just stopped listening and went into the building.
She went to bed early hoping when she fell asleep she’d wake up and find out it was all just a bad dream.  She tossed and turned on the old worn mattress.  It had popped springs and even stank a little making it hard to get comfortable.  When she did sleep her dreams were filled with the hateful thing she had experienced that day.
The sun shone in through the window, making the whole room feel like a warm spring morning.  When the young woman first got up she looked around sleepily thinking how horrible her nightmare had been.  She had been ugly, a concept she had trouble even fathoming.  Her, the victim of deserved ridicule due to her looks?  She pulled herself out of bed not even noticing the bed was the same as in the dream.  Going out into the living room she felt the horror of realizing it wasn’t in fact a nightmare.
She turned on the TV to a morning show and saw the once svelte young anchor woman was gigantic.  Kenzie wanted to cry with frustration.  How could this be happening?  What was going on?  She collapsed on her couch crying, her whole body heaving with sobs of self pity.  She couldn’t go in to work.  She just couldn’t face all that again.  The jeering, the mocking, and huge fat Milly with her meal ticket.
After almost twenty minutes of sobbing Kenzie realized she had to go to work, she had to face it.  Slowly the young woman got dressed in as concealing an outfit as she could manage.  She wasn’t going to get laughed at today if she could help it.  She did her makeup with care not to bring attention to herself.  She did her hair plainly and wound up leaving almost a half hour late for work.  When she finally got there she realized almost everyone was looking at her and she wanted to shrink into her cubical and hide.
As with the lunch schedule people’s tardiness was only brought up if their work suffered for it, but she still cringed at the thought of making a spectacle of herself.  She hunched over her desk, working and listening to the gossip.  Then it dawned on her, this was Friday.  Milly was going to Cancun with Choto.  She and Patty were talking about it between working and snacking.
On the pretense of getting ink for her printer Kenzie left the work area to get away from the talk of tropical fun and gluttony planned for the next two days.  The now fully demeaned woman stood in the storage room rocking herself slightly while fighting off more tears.  “What the hell is going on?”  She asked herself.
She turned in surprise as the door opened and the woman with the harelip and mole entered the room as if she belonged there.  “I’ve been waiting a day and a half for you to ask that.”
“What the…?”  Kenzie blurted in surprise.  “What are you doing here?”
The woman looked at Kenzie blankly as if the answer was obvious.  “I came to answer your question.”
Kenzie stared down at the woman, now desperate and demanding.  The other looked at her not showing any sign of intimidation.  “Then answer them already.”
“I will.”  Kenzie noticed what she had always thought of as an accent was actually a lisp.  “As soon as you calm down.”
Kenzie leaned against the shelves of paper, her arms folded impatiently, but quietly waiting.
“The world has a way of setting things right when it gets too far off-course.  Most people don’t notice because they are simply caught in the cross-fire.  As far as those out there know, fat has always been the sign of beauty and the thin women have always been the outcasts.”
Kenzie curled her lip unprettily and began to protest.  “But then how come I can remember, and why am I still thin?  And why do you remember?”
The woman smiled with what looked like malicious joy.  “Because fat or thin I’m still scarred, have a tumor on my eyelid, and I still have a cleft palate.  Weight doesn’t matter, I’d still be ugly.  So none of this affects me.”  Now the woman grinned waiting for the reaction.  “And you remember, because this is your fault.”
Kenzie looked shocked and stared at the woman in disbelief.  “What?  No!  I didn’t do anything.”
“Others have been more cruel, but no one has hurt people with less justification.”  She relished Kenzie’s reaction enjoying it as only someone who knew what being hurt really was about.  “You demeaned a woman just for being friends with someone who was fat, it tipped things so much that this had to happen.”
With resolve Kenzie plugged on, figuring she would think through the answers when she was alone.  “How do I make things right, put them back the way they were?”
“They won’t go back.  You’re stuck.”  The woman smiled, showing a scar even in her gum line where a gap in her gums had been imperfectly filled.  “Ask yourself, how much can you stand being ugly.  What are you willing to do to be beautiful again?”
The woman turned and left, leaving Kenzie to think about what she had heard.  After almost 15 minutes in the closet she noticed the boxes full of goodies that were kept for the break room.  In moments she had a bag opened and half downed.  She would be damned if she’d spend the rest of her life being made fun of.


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